Convert your subtitles to 3D

Convert to Side-by-Side or Top-and-Bottom 3D format.

Customize font's size, outline and even 3D depth for the downloaded 3D subtitle.

Use multiple output formats for your 3D subtitle:

  • Substation Alpha (.ssa)
  • Advanced Substation Alpha (.ass)
  • VobSub (.idx/.sub pair)

Just select .srt subtitle to upload, choose your conversion options and press the Convert Subtitle button to process your subtitle and download converted 3D subtitle for free!

1. Upload original Subtitle

Drag & drop Subtitle file (.srt)



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2. Configure 3D Subtitle

Compress font to normal width and height. Available only to Advanced Substation Alpha (.ass) and VobSub (.sub/.idx) file format. Recommended to use.

Preview (approximated)

3. Download 3D Subtitle